Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summertime is Garden Time...

With the economy as it is
 were spending more time
at home these days...
It's given me more time to dabble in the garden and  
although my seeds didn't survive the heat/drought! lol
(that's on me for lack of watering) 
the trees are doing pretty well with the exception of the avacado. 

Pappy gave us a peach tree...
This is the second year but we got a nice little harvest!..

The persimmons are growing but wont be ready until Fall..
I can't wait to bake persimmon breads and cookies!

Japanese Plums
These little plums made the best jelly!

I'm proud of my first attempt at jelly but 
I'm sure next time will be even better; I now know to add two boxes of
the pectin!

Avacado Tree
I don't know why but my poor little avacados only grew to
about 2" and then they started to turn black, died and fell off... (below)

Very disappointing... I wanted avacados! :(

Lemon Tree
I keep cutting back the lemon tree because it's
very thorny..
Trying to keep it a nice shrub size since it's next to a walkway. 
I am confused as to why these ripen in the fall because
I'd love to have them for lemonade now!

Tomatoes & Squash
These were given to us from a friend who has
a huge summer garden garden...   
There's nothing like the taste of home grown fruits and veggies... 

Well if anyone has any tips for starting a garden I'd love to hear them;
I'd also like to know what you think about my avacado tree losing all the fruit!
Feel free to leave a comment! 
God Bless!..  :)